Advancing global healthcare innovation.

Tajdeed is a group of Pakistani Diaspora Physician Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors with a passion to promote healthcare innovation. Our goal is to support and advise innovative healthcare startups that significantly improve access to healthcare, with emphasis on emerging countries. Through our extensive network of healthcare experts, we provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and pre-seed funding to qualified startups. We aim to create synergies, reduce redundancies, and enhance go-to-market strategies and product market fit. Our mission is to empower startups, guiding them towards commercial success internationally and educating founders in digital health strategies.

Impact and Traction

Current Tajdeed network has 50 Physician members. Access to network of 1000 Physicians through personal connections. Leadership in Physician societies with over 20,000 members. We are constantly growing our physician members and have increasing presentations of healthcare startup pitches to the network.

What Does Members Do 

  • Become part of a large group of Physicians with exchange of ideas

  • Get access to pitch decks of healthcare startups to look at

  • Attend startup pitches from invited founders at your convenience

  • Join conversation on startup ideas and breaking news

  • Find out innovative tools and launches related to healthcare

  • Access to like minded physicians that you can reach out.

  • Ask for help and guidance from the cohort.

  • Be part of the due diligence of a new startup raising funds as per your interest.

  • Get an opportunity for joining an angel investment along with your peers as per your interest as accredited investor (no commitment required - Investment in any project is not required)

    Reach out to us!

    If you are a physician founder/angel investor or interested in being one.
    If you are interested in finding out about new healthcare startups and their product ideas
    If you like sharing feedback on product design at early stages
    If you like discussions on existing healthcare problems and debate on their possible solutions
    If you are excited about where the healthcare is heading and all the breakthroughs that are coming

    REVIVE LABS Product Accelerator Program

    We also run an educational Advisory program focused on accelerating the development of innovative health-tech products to improve access to healthcare in emerging countries, called Revive Labs Product Accelerator.

    We believe that next technological revolution will transform How healthcare will be delivered.

    We are dedicated in leveraging resources in emerging countries to bring cutting-edge products to market.

    We know that product development is no easy feat, which is why we provide unparalleled expertise and access to a vast network of physician-scientists in healthcare. With our guidance, you can expect valuable feedback on product design and commercialization, as well as access to patient data that will give your product a competitive edge. Find out more about Revive Labs at the link below. 

    About Revive Labs