We are physicians only angel group with wide experience of enterpreneurship, academic and healthcare leadership.

Product strategy

Get direct and actionable feedback on your product strategy from Practicing physicians with wide expertise, specialties and clinical settings. Get strategic advisory for product development and features, product roadmap and end user concerns (product market fit).

Product Development & Implementation Strategy

Support and advice on product launch, initial customer acquisition and beta testing, interpretation of feedback and product adaption, discussions on pivots or commercialization approach.

Access to Network

Direct access to 50 Physicians and indirect Access to over 2000 Physicians through our network. Any speciality or subspecialty in healthcare with any clinical setting. Access to Physician Entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders and academicians. Experienced with Angel investment and startups.

Angel Investment

Access to Angel capital at pre-seed and seed stage with typical size of $50,000 to $500,000. Support and advice for product/startup pitches and strengthening the round wiht access to Venture capital through physician group onboarding.

Why Join Healthcare Angels Group

One of the best options for a new angel investor is to join an angel investor group, where you work collegially with 25 to 250 other serious investors to hear presentations from companies, do your due-diligence homework, and then—if you are interested—pool your money with the others to make meaningful investments.

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How to Do Angel Investments

Angel groups typically receive 5-50 pitches a month, depending on how actively they promote their availability and how accessible they make themselves. They typically look at around 40 companies for each one company they invest. Of all the requests received in a year, 30% are invited for a preliminary screening, 10% are invited to pitch to full group and 2% receive funding.

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Why Do Angel Investing

You get a ringside seat at a venture that is out to change the world, direct access to company CEOs who may become the corporate magnates of tomorrow, and early access to the latest products and services before they become generally available. You may even have the opportunity to advise and mentor a company as it develops, pivots, and changes its business plan in response to real market experience.

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We would love to hear from you if you are

  • Healthcare Startup Founder looking for advise and capital.
  • Physician Enterpreneur or angel looking to join a group.
  • Startup Investor looking for collaboration or advice on healthcare startups.
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